In: Emergency Restoration

While restoration and remodeling may sound like two different terms for the same process, they are actually very different. Some companies will take both kinds of jobs, but most specialize in one or the other. This is because restoration and remodeling require different tools, experience, and skill sets.

Restoration usually involves repairing a house or apartment that has been damaged. Often the damage was caused by a natural disaster such as a flood or earthquake. However, sometimes it is caused by human error. Either way, a restoration company is often hired and paid by an insurance company. The insurance company often has very stringent regulations that the restorers must follow, so restoration companies that have experience dealing with insurers have a large advantage over those that don’t.

Another aspect of the restoration business that is significantly different from the remodeling business is the way the jobs come in to the companies. An owner or renter looking for a remodel generally calls the company at their leisure, and is not in a hurry. A call for a restoration project, however, comes in from a variety sources and with a greater sense of urgency. Restorers often receive such a call within hours of the damage occurring. This is especially true of firms that specialize in emergency restoration.

Remodeling companies may rarely do some restoration work, but they usually focus on projects such as knocking out walls and building additions. They are generally not equipped to deal with heavily damaged residences. Also, remodeling firms aren’t prepared to take the sort of 24 hour a day emergency calls that restoration companies must field from time to time. Additionally, they do not have the contacts with insurance companies that restoration firms will have. These differences mean that while many restoration companies do some remodeling work, quite a few remodeling firms don’t do restorations.